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Modem Drivers

The software programs that tell your modem how to translate are called drivers.  For many modems (especially WinModems), the computer must have the right driver installed or the modem will not work properly.  The older the driver, the more likely that your modem will have problems establishing and maintaining a quality connection.

Modem drivers are usually provided with the modem or the computer.  For name brand modems, the most current drivers can also normally be found on the manufacturers web site.  Generic modem drivers (including many WinModem drivers) can sometimes be quite a challenge to find.

Please note:  I-Land does not provide support for modem driver upgrades.  If your system is still under warranty, performing any changes to the system may void your warranty or make you ineligible for free support.  Please consult with your computer manufacturer to see if your modem drivers are current.

How do I know if I have the most current drivers?

You'll need to do a few things.

  • Determine your modem brand and model.  If you have a name brand computer system that came standard with a modem, you can get this information from the manufacturer.  If you installed the modem yourself, the information should be in the modem owners manual.
  • Determine what drivers are currently installed.
  • Find the most current driver version for your modem.  If you have a modem from a reputable manufacturer, you can generally go to their website to find the current driver that's available for download.  If your modem is unsupported, you may want to try the websites below, which have links to various driver information sites:

How do I install these drivers?

If your system is still under warranty, consult your computer manufacturer or place of purchase.  If not, follow the directions given where you downloaded the drivers.

Do not attempt to update your modem drivers unless you are completely confident in the procedures.  Incorrect installation may cause your modem to not function at all.

I-Land Internet Services does not provide support for modem driver installation or other hardware related problems.