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Important Info. Recent Email Hoax / Scam

Recent Phishing Email Circulating in the Otelco.net Network
Otelco Customers should be aware of an email that is currently in circulation. This email is a fraud and attempts to get your log in information. Otelco Internet Services nor will I-Land Internet Services (a division of Otelco LLC) ever solicite your log in information via email. We have no need to do this as we have your login information on file as your provider.


Example of Email Shown below:

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Otelco.Net Team" <info@otelco.net>
To: "undisclosed-recipients:"
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 12:04 AM
Subject: ***Help Desk***

Dear otelco.net webmail Subscriber,

We are currently carrying-out a maintenance process to our otelco.net
account to make our server more stronger and also to fight against SPAM
MAILS,and maintain your INBOX. To complete this process and if you are the
rightful owner of this account you are required to respond by replying to
this e-mail and enter your webmail account details below:

Username: { }

and Password: { }

Telephone Number(+  )

Failure to summit your otelco.net account details, will render your email
account in-active from our database.

NOTE: You will be sent a password reset message in next two (2)
working days after undergoing this process for security reasons.

Thank you for your cooperation & for using otelco.net!

Help Desk.