Below is a list of different links to Entertainment sites on the Internet.  If you have a suggestion for an addition to this list or if you find a link of ours that does not work, please email webmaster@iland.net

arrow.gif (70 bytes)Comedy Central
arrow.gif (70 bytes)E! Online
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Emmy Awards
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Film.com
arrow.gif (70 bytes)go2flix Quickie Links
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Internet Movie Database
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Mining Company's Home Video Guide
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Movie Link
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Movie Web
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Mr. Cranky Rates The Movies
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Mr. Showbiz
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Oscar.Com
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Soap Opera Digest
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Ultimate TV
arrow.gif (70 bytes)Warner Brothers