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Spam and Virus Filtering.

I-Land Internet Services i-filter powered by I.B.M. not only provides subscribers with spam and virus filtering but also a modern Ajax HTML interface to access and view messages taged as Spam.

Listed below are some common questions asked about ifilter and the webmail interface. This FAQ only pertains to i-filter service.

i-Filter Usage FAQ

Q: How do I access i-Filter?

A: You can access i-Filter and the i-Filter settings by logging into i-Mail, (our web-based email program). The i-Mail link can be found at the top of I-Land's homepage. It will appear as a "yellow" tab with the word i-Mail, or you can access i-Mail directly at http://webmail.iland.net.

At the username and password entry screen, enter the username and password for your "iland.net" email account you may add the @iland.net after your username, but it is not needed. Click the "sign in" button. You will be logged into your imail interface, depending on what your last visit was you will either be logged into the "moder ajax" or "classic HTML" version. To set filter features click the "options" lin at the top right side, then "click" the "Anti Spam Filter" category inside the options screen. Your i-filter will be enabled upon activations. You need only enter the Spam filter options screen if you want to add or remove addresses to your accept/reject domain lists.

Q: How do I use i-filter after setting it up?

A: i-filter is designed to require little attention on the users part. There are some simple to use settings that may be adjusted by the end users if so desired. We have found through testing that there is really little need to adjust much. In many cases the "default" settings will take care of the majority of the Spam an average user may get. However, since Spam can be driven by surfing habits and how many times your email address may appear out on the Internet, individual Spam levels can very.

Q: How do I modify my i-Filter settings?

A: To modify settings you must access the "Preference" portion VIA the webmail portal. To do this you will need to log in to your mail account by using the i-mail interface,( webmail.iland.net ). Do this by following the instructions outlined above in the section titled "How Do I Access i-Filter". After logging into i-mail click the "Preferences" at the top of your inbox, then click "Spam" on the lefthand side. You may then click into the various settings available.