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iFilter FAQ

How do I use iFilter?

Q: What is iFilter?

A: iFilter is a email filter that helps you to manage the ever-increasing number of "junk" and offensive emails, as well as emails with virus attachments. By filtering the emails before they reach your computer, iFilter can help you locate the emails you want to see, ignore those you'd prefer to avoid, and save the time that it previously took to download the junk emails to your computer.

Users rank the top benefits of iFilter as: reduction in volume of emails, filtering out of vulgar or obscene emails, time savings gained from not having to download unwanted emails, and additional protection from email-based viruses.

Q: What is the cost of iFilter?
A: iFilter once had a cost of $2.00/month if added to a customers email address HOWEVER we now includes this service at no charge for all Basic and Premium mailboxes.

Q: Will iFilter work with all of my email addresses?

A: iFilter works only with "@iland.net" addresses.

Q: Will iFilter detect all unwanted junk email (spam) and viruses?

A: No. However, in practice we've found that when properly configured, iFilter routinely detects and filters 75-90% of incoming spam, and 90%+ of incoming viruses.

Q: With iFilter, do I still need to maintain my computer's anti-virus software?

A: Absolutely, you need to maintain your anti-virus software. Remember: iFilter isn't designed to remove all junk email or viruses. While it catches most email-based viruses and junk emails, we can't guarantee that no virus will get through to your computer, whether via email or other methods. Do not rely only on iFilter for computer virus protection.

Q: What happens to emails that iFilter detects as "problems"?

A: Typically, those emails are separated into a spam mail folder that you can view from I-Land's web-based email program. By logging into webmail.iland.net you can review the spam in the spam folder to insure that you did not want to receive them, and then either delete them or move them to your regular inbox.

How do I use iFilter?