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Cost for Banner Ad Hosting

$50/mo with a guarantee of 10,000 views (no more than $0.015/view).  Current banner ad customers are receiving at least 25,000 views per month, for an average cost per view of well under $0.01.

Quarterly $150/qtr with a guarantee of 30,000 views per quarter.
Yearly $540/yr with a guarantee of 12,000 views per annually. This includes a savings of 10% if paid by the year.
Banner Creation
  I-Land does not provide a creations service any longer. We will however put you in touch with a trusted company who can provide this service for you.
Banner Ad Listing in our Business Banner Directory (coming Soon)
Addional Service Add $10/month to the above "Main Page" monthly rate.

This option is designed to provide viewers with a easy to shop (no wait) graphical directory. Your banner will appear both here and on our main page. On our main page it will be displayed by itself and have the advantage of being at the top of our main page. Within the "Banner Directory" it will appear with other business banner ad's in alphabetical order.

If you have any questions, or would like to purchase Banner Advertising, please email or call (660) 829-4638.