Why choose anyone else?
If you're looking for great value, fast connections, and friendly service, you've found a home at I-Land. Thousands of happy central Missouri customers agree.

Nation Wide Dial-up Service
I-Land has over 5,000 access lines available nationwide if dial-up or dial-up on the go is what you need.

Once you're connected to I-land, you're ready to start surfing the 'net. We purchase plenty of bandwidth (now nearing 1 Gigabit) to make sure you can get where you want to go with a minimum of delays, whether you have a dial-up modem, DSL, or wireless connection.

The Internet business is fast-paced, and the technology behind it constantly changes. I-Land is committed to keeping up with these changes and bringing you the quality service you want and deserve. We use equipment from companies you recognize and respect: Sun Cisco, 3Com, and US Robotics, for starters. Inferior equipment results in inferior service, and we won't settle for that.

"Be prepared" - we took the Boy Scout motto to heart. We duplicate systems throughout our network to keep your service running smoothly - right through equipment failures. Whether an Internet connection is lost or a server fails, we can handle most problems without a hitch.

In addition, I-Land's Network Operations Center staff monitors every aspect of our service 24x7, and immediately responds to any problem - day or night.

Free   iChat - your web-based digital community
  iSell - classified ads - why buy newpaper ads again?
  iMail - access to your email from any computer
  iBriefcase - store those important files online
  iCalendar - view and post community events

Our staff members are thoroughly trained to assist you with the questions you may have about I-Land. We like to "know our stuff", and enjoy helping and sharing our knowledge with you. Even more, we'll always greet you with a warm smile and friendly voice.

Whether you're sending emails, playing online games, or researching the net, we want you to be a happy customer. Our goal is simple: provide an Internet service we can be proud of, and that you can be thrilled with. We think you deserve it!