Earn Free Service

I-Land rewards happy customers for telling their friends and associates about our service by awarding a service credit for each new customer they refer.

During each sign up, we ask "Did anyone in particular tell you about I-Land?" or "How did you hear about our service?"

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about referrals:

Will I know if a new customer gives my name as a referral?
A credit will be applied to your account automatically.

How quickly are referrals processed?
Referrals are applied once every 1 - 3 weeks.

How do I email with questions about a specific referral?
You can email referral@iland.net with your referral questions.

I just received my bill, but I referred a new customer yesterday.  Do I need to pay this bill, and if so, how much?
Once a bill is mailed, no more referrals can be applied to the account until that bill is paid in full.  Once the bill is paid, any referrals that are waiting here will be applied.